Best Bitcoin Wallets Of 2021

Ever since the Bitcoin made its entry into the crypto world people have been interested in what the blockchain and Bitcoin are all about. It is a well known fact that the Bitcoin has always been volatile, a reality which is not likely to change anytime soon. Despite this fact, there are crypto enthusiasts that wish to invest or trade in Bitcoins. If you’re a bitcoin trader looking for a stress-free way to trade, consider employing crypto-robots. Go to for more information. So, how can these investors keep their assets secure? For this, they will need to engage with a trusted cryptoexchange platform and download a digital wallet to store their Bitcoins.

Top Bitcoin Wallets for 2021:

  1. Electrum: It is one of the first Bitcoin wallets since 2011 and has not changed much. It offers a user-friendly interface but its complex functions make it better suited for advanced traders. This wallet is open-source and users are free to choose either Bitcoin or SegWit. You can set custom fees for transactions and decide on the security level; for instance, you may choose amongst a standard wallet, a multi-signature or dual-factor authentication wallet. This hot wallet offers a much higher degree of security compared to other hot Bitcoin wallets.
  2. Exodus: Exodus is perfect for newcomers because its features may appear somewhat limited for experienced users. It is a mobile-cum-desktop wallet having an easy-to-use interface and a built-in exchange.  It is ideally suited for beginners testing the waters for the first time. You can swap between cryptos; currently, it is possible to switch between 100 coins. Exodus also boasts of excellent customer support services. The only downside is that it is closed-source which may entail security concerns as the code cannot be publicly viewed by everyone. But its team makes sure there are no security loopholes. You can set custom fees in order to cut down costs and even set fees automatically to guarantee faster transactions. On the other hand, you can also consider oil trading, if the trader’s goal is to make more profit through trading. Automated trading platforms like Oil Profit are available now and allow traders to trade easily and risk free. Learn more about the oil trading platform by visiting
  3. Mycelium: This is ideally suited for mobile users and is a hot wallet having a cold option. It is a Bitcoin-only, open-source wallet which now supports BTC, ERC-20, ETH, etc. It resembles the Electrum wallet with a refreshed UI and built-in exchange. You are free to set custom fees and decide on how much you are prepared to wait for transactions to go through. Mycelium provides hardware wallet support, allowing users to keep their coins in a storage device offline even while they use Mycelium’s UI to view their assets.
  4. Ledger Nano X: It is by far the best Bitcoin hardware wallet and was the second offering from the French company Ledger following the Ledger Nano S. Ledger underwent major hacks in 2020 which exposed confidential details of customers; while private keys were not compromised people started questioning this wallet’s integrity. But the Nano X looks like a USB drive that can be connected through Bluetooth or USB to your device. So, you do not require a computer to get started. The wallet supports more than 1500 coins and new ones keep getting added. The Ledger Live software allows you to see your holdings through its user-friendly UI. You are free to add extra wallets for different coins and manage portfolios. You will even find a Type-C cable to connect this with your desktop or smartphone.